40 Years of Ottawa: Collected Essays on Award-Winning Animation (epub Version)


A collection of essays about each of the OIAF Grand Prize winning films since 1976 with links to clips and commentary.

Edited by Chris Robinson and Brittany Mumford

Essays include:  

Madi Piller on The Street (Caroline Leaf)

Olivier Cotte on La Traversée de l'Atlantique à la rame  (Jean-François Laguionie)

Keltie Duncan on Ubu (Geoff Dunbar) and Home Road Movies (Robert Bradbrook)

Patrick Mullen on Crac (Frédéric Back)

Franziska Bruckner on Odpryski (Jerzy Kucia)

Chris Robinson on The Frog, The Dog and The Devil (Bob Stenhouse), Bird in the Window (Igor Kovalyov) and Night of the Carrots (Priit Pärn)

Maureen Furniss on The Man Who Planted Trees (Frédéric Back)

Linda Simensky on Hen, His Wife (Igor Kovalyov)

Kelly Gallagher on Two Sisters (Caroline Leaf)

Mark Langer on The Wrong Trousers (Nick Park)

Ruth Lingford on Ring of Fire (Andreas Hykade)

Marc Glassman on Ryan (Chris Landreth)

Alexis Hunot on Milch (Igor Kovalyov)

Julie Roy on Dreams & Desires (Joanna Quinn)

Paul Wells on A Country Doctor (Koji Yamamura)

Marco de Blois on Chainsaw (Dennis Tupicoff)

Marcel Jean on Inherent Obligations (Rao Heidmets)

Nobuaki Doi on The External World (David O'Reilly)

Richard O’Connor on Moxie (
Stephen Irwin)

Amid Amidi on Junkyard (Hisko Hulsing)

Ben Mitchell on Lonely Bones (Rosto)

Nicholas Thys on Hipopotamy (Piotr Dumala)

Paul Ward on Small People with Hats (Sarina Nihei)

Plus:  An Oral History of the Ottawa International Animation Festival

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