Christine Lucy Latimer: Media Archaeologist


Edited by Mike Hoolboom

Christine Lucy Latimer was born on January 24, 1980. Attended Ontario College of Art and Design from 1998-2002 majoring in Integrated Media, with a minor in Photo Arts. This interdisciplinary artist works with lens-based and time-based forms, including film, digital media and photography. She primarily acquires found footage that she processes through outdated analog technologies as well as modern technologies, in order to create abstract visual works. In the past decade her prolific output has been featured across five continents in over 250 festivals and gallery exhibitions. 

In this collection of writings and pictures, artists weigh in on Christine's media gleanings. The hope is to echo the form of her many short movies with a bevy of short takes that conjure a temporary community. How to grant these pictures time, particularly now that we've run out of time? How to allow them to do their work on us, to infect us, soften us, bring us to our senses?

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