Desire & Sexuality: Animating the Unconscious Vol.2


Animation can take far greater liberties than live-action film, via its unfettered visual imagination and unique ability to explore and portray statesof desire, sexual fantasies and realities, unconscious and subjective experience.

From humour to provocation, realism to surrealism, the intimate confessional to cutting-edge social comment, via fable, metaphor, myth and comic observation, this selection of animated films from international festival award-winners offers a series of very different perspectives on the extraordinary range of desire and sexuality in human relationships.



  1. Hysteria - Alys Hawkins
  2. We Lived in Grass - Andreas Hykade
  3. Crying & Wanking - Alys Hawkins
  4. How Wings are Attached to the Backs of Angels - Craig Welch
  5. Bird in the Window - Igor Kovalyov
  6. The Hat (Le Chapeau)
  7. Never Like the First Time - Jonas Odell
  8. Words, Words, Words (Reci Reci Reci) - Michaela Pavlatova
  9. Repete - Michaela Pavlatova
  10. His Passionate Bride - Monkia Forsberg


Approximate running time: 95min

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