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Dušan Vukotic´, co-founder of the Zagreb Film Studio, was instrumental in establishing what became known as the “Zagreb School” of animation. In addition to limiting the number of drawings against rudimentary or abstract backgrounds, another of the studio's pioneering distinctions was that a single artist would work in direction, design, drawing, and story. When Vukotic's short, The Playful Robot (1956), won an award at the Pula Film Festival on the Istrian peninsula in Croatia, the new Zagreb Film was off and running as one of the world's most influential animation studios

Vukotic's earliest cartoons were satires of American movie genres: Cowboy Jimmy, The Great Fear, and Concerto for a Machine Gun. Piccolo, which Vukotic directed, designed, and animated himself, was among the first in a wave of Zagreb cartoons that reflected his strongly-held belief in auteurism and individual style. With his film, Ersatz (sometimes known by its Croatian title, Surogat), in 1961 Vukotic´ became the first film director from outside the United States to win an Academy Award for best animated short. In the late 1960s he experimented with combining live-action and animation in such films as The Game, Ars Gratia Artis, and A Stain on His Conscience.



Playful Robot (1956)

Cowboy Jimmy (1957)

Concerto for a Machine Gun (1958)

Revenger (Osventik) (1958)

The Great Fear (Veliki Strah) (1958)

Piccolo (1959)

My Tail is My Ticket (Rep je Ulaznica) (1959)

The Game (1963)

The Strain on His Conscience (1968)

Ars Gratia Artis


Total Running Time: 1hr13min

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