4 Buzzco Films (DVD)


We Love It! - 1992, 5-1/2 mins.
Here is an authentic, real-life story of what happens when the client, executive producer or publisher suggests "one little change."

InBetweening America - 2001(1977), 3-1/2 mins.
Based on a New Yorker magazine cover by Saul Steinberg, twenty American icons morph from one to another, representing the vast diversity in this country.

Right! - 2006, 3-1/2 mins.
Right! demonstrates current worldwide trends: there are people who think it is more important to choose a philosophical side or team and to stick to its fundamentals, rather than allow free thinking and debate. When the world is divided into 'good' and 'evil', or black and white, there is no room for gray or nuance. Right! shows the inevitable results.

dEVOLUTION - 2008, 2-1/2 mins.
Originally conceived in a time of senseless warfare (40 yrs. ago!), unfortunately it is still relevant today demonstrating that warfare is the antithesis of evolution.

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