9 Buzzco Films (DVD)


A Warm Reception in L.A. - 1987, 5 mins.
The story of an author's struggle for success - the glamor and dreams of Hollywood and the check that's on the way.

Snowie and the Seven Dorps - 1990, 8-1/2 mins.
Takes a favorite fairy tale and brings it up-to-date to explain such new age pop-psyche phenomena as passive/aggressive behavior, co-dependency and enabling. It sheds a new light on the Prince's immediate passion for the sleeping Princess!!

Fast Food Matador - 1991, 4-1/2 mins.
The under-appreciated, omnipresent profession of New York City coffee shop delivery is shown through the daydreams of a paper bag wrangler who imagines a different sort of blood-and-sand than what he finds on West 52nd Street.

The Ballad of Archie Foley - 1995, 5-1/2 mins.
A sentimental look at one man's life, as it passes before his ears.

We Love It! - 1992, 5-1/2 mins.
Here is an authentic, real-life story of what happens when the client, executive producer or publisher suggests "one little change."

KnitWits - 1997, 12 mins.
KnitWits chronicles a Saturday afternoon in a knitting store in New York City where a group of regulars gather weekly to swap stories, gossip, advice and the trends of the day.

KnitWits Revisited - 1999, 7 mins.
KnitWits Revisited brings us back to the KnitWits' knitting store, for this 6-minute TV pilot.

(it was...)Nothing At All - 2000, 5-1/2 mins.
Based on an original song written by Candy Kugel and Lanny Meyers, which asks why is it easier to mourn the loss of an object than the loss of a loved one.

Command Z - 2005, 4-1/2 mins.
What would it be like if you could "undo" in real life as easily as you can on a computer?

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