Animators, how did you do this?/TrickFilmer, wie habt ihr das germacht?


Tobias Wengert, initiator of SIWA - Stuttgart's Incredible World of Animation, interviewed the author of this book as an inspiration and approach to productions of various kinds. The book provides a glimpse behind the scenes of award-winning animation films, such as the so-called "graffelo" by Studio Soi, the desperate fight of a moth caught in a spider web in the film "Loom" by Polynoid, the successful trick film series "Tom & the Strawberry Jam Honey "by Andreas Hykade and many others: Gil Alkabetz / Sweet Home Studios, Jürgen Haas: Canary Beat, Christoph Horch: Streuner, Andreas Hykade: Love & Theft, Thomas Mayer-Herrmann / Studio Filmbilder, Moritz Mayerhofer: Urs, Johannes Schiehsl : Zoopraxiskop, Angela Steffen: life line,

Bilingual German / English/

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