Canadian Animation: Looking for a Place to Happen


Author: Chris Robinson

Published: 2008



Writer Chris Robinson travels across Canada to meet with some of the country's leading independent animation filmmakers. Along the way, he muses about animation art in Canada and his own relationship to the scene--many personalities featured are friends and colleagues. He carries along his personal struggles with insomnia, depression, identity, cab drivers, hobos and nobos, and the shocking murder of animator Helen Hill, whose life and work embody many of the themes that color Robinson's conversations with animators. With the intimate detail of a diary, Canadian Animation weaves together history, memoir, and dream into a mesmerizing and candid portrait of animation, art, doing, drifting, and dying. The cast of this lavishly illustrated book includes award-winning animators Marv Newland, Chris Landreth, Chris Hinton, David Fine, Wendy Tilby, and Anne-Marie Fleming.

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