Epileptic by David Beauchard


L'Ascension du haut mal ("The Rise of the High Evil"), published in English as Epileptic, is an autobiographical graphic novel by David Beauchard (more commonly known as David B.).

David B.'s stunning comic Epileptic tells the story of David's youth through his late thirties, largely through the lens of his relationship with his epileptic brother Jean-Christophe. L'Ascension du Haut Mal (literally: "The Rise of the High Evil"), as it was titled in the author's native France, is nominally about Jean-Christophe and the Beauchard family as they vainly struggle to find a cure for his condition, through a series of charlatans and quacks, none of whom prove to be more than a temporary salve. But the focus of this memoir is really David — born Pierre-François Beauchard — himself: how he defines himself in terms of his brother's illness and his struggle between either escaping from that identity or embracing it and attempting to understand it.

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