International Animation Modern Classics


A selection of award-winning international animation festival hits, that between them have won over 150 major prizes. Varying in technique - from hand-drawn to computer, puppet, and mixed-media approaches - from explorations of animation's magical capacity for boundless invention and inventive story-telling, to humorous and moving observations of the human condition, they are all considered modern classics.



Ropedancers - Raimund Krumme 

Morir de Amor -  Gil Alkabetz 

Revolver - Jonas Odell/Film Tecknarna 

Rubicon - Gil Alkabetz 

The Runt - Andreas Hykade 

Crossroads - Raimund Krumme 

Printed Rainbow - Gitanjali Rao 

Laughing Moon - Kiyoshi Nishimoto 

Joie de Vivre - Anthony Gross/Hector Hoppin 

One Day a Man Bought a House - Piotr Sapegin


Total running time: 95 min

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