Right (DVD)


Right! demonstrates current worldwide trends: there are people who think it is more important to choose a philosophical side or team and to stick to its fundamentals, rather than allow free thinking and debate. If the world is divided into 'good' and 'evil', or black and white, there is no room for gray or nuance. Right! shows the inevitable

As with our earlier films, this one started with an original song with lyrics by Candy Kugel and music by Lanny Meyers. Lanny created a tune that is relentless in its basis of a single chord - which adds to the insistant nature of the divided opinions.

Right! is Buzzco's first foray into 3D computer graphics. Inspired by a course in Maya, a 3D graphics program, at the School of Visual Arts, this seemed the perfect medium for this pressing issue.

It took a bit over a year to complete the film. Adding to Lanny Meyer's orchestration of Right!, sound designer Richard Fairbanks filled out the sound track with sound effects and mixed in the human voices in a way that disguised even Candy's untrained singing! In addition to Maya, both Adobe AfterEffects and Photoshop were used to smooth out some of the 3D edges! Adobe's Photoshop and After Effects were proven to be versatile enough for the challenge.

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