Skip's Pix: Eight Short Animated Films by Skip Battaglia


"we mus re-invent filmmaking"

Independent animator Skip Battaglia has been making animated films for 25 years. These eight selected works are handmade, drawn on paper, and fully animated in Battaglia's pulsing "push and pull" style -- colorful, explosive, alternating between extravagant and delicate, and always rhythmic.

From the Futurist inspired "Boccioni's Bike" to the cartoonish "Second Nature" and the computer-assested "More Ture Shit", these films provide invitations to new ways of seeing and working in the graphic arts in motion. Battaglia provides commentary versions of all films, including insights to the production and aesthetics of these animations.



  1. Boccioni's Bike (1981)
  2. Parataxis (1980)
  3. How The Frog's Eyes Sees (1984)
  4. Geologic Time (1989)
  5. Restlessness (1994)
  6. Taki Dom (1997)
  7. Second Nature (2000)
  8. More True Shit (2003)


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