The Best of The British Animation Awards 7


A selection of the best of British Animation Awards nominees and award-winning films. Plus extras. A unique overview of recent British animation, featuring a range of different techniques and diversity of styles.


The Old, Old, Very Old Man - Elizabeth Hobbs 
Fun Facts 1 - Steve Smith
Adjustment - Ian Mackinnon 
Milk Teeth - Tibor Banoczki 
Protect the Human: Measles - Sandra Ensby/Lisle Turner
Badgered - Sharon Coleman 
Life Size Zoetrope  - Mark Simon Hewis 
t.o.m. - Tom Brown & Daniel Gray 
Yours Truly - Osbert Parker 
Cat Man Do - Simon Tofield 
Tidy Monster - Tim Marchant 
Olay: Lines - Suzanne Deakin 
Winterthur: A Town Called Tomorrow - Sylvain Chomet 
C'Mons: Red Viral - Dom & Nick 
Dreams and Desires: Family Ties - Joanna Quinn 
Fun Facts 2 - Steve Smith 
The Imperfectionist - Asa Lucander & Victoria Kitchingman 
Tongue of the Hidden - David Anderson 
Chemical Brothers: Salmon Dance - Dom & Nick 
The Pearce Sisters - Luis Cook 

Classics Royal Bank of Scotland commercials - David & Gerry Anderson 
Oi: Orbital - Noel Donnellon

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